Csgo terrorist town csgo skins zustand Some only bring the opponent down to one of the damage levels when shot in the head ex. If you happen to miss and a player notices your knife, do not worry, DNA cannot be obtained from a knife unless it was used to murder another player.

Prefabs Custom Default Weapons AK AUG AWP CZAuto Desert Eagle Dual Berettas FAMAS Five-SeveN G3SG1 Galil Galil AR Glock Knives M3 M4A1 M4A1-S M4A4 MAC MAG-7 Csgo MP7 MP9 Nova Other P P P P90 PP-Bizon Pistols R8 Revolver Rifles SCAR SG SG SG SMGs Terrorist town 08 Sawed-Off Scout Sniper Rifles TMP Tec-9 UMP USP USP-S XM High-damaging weapons, like the deagle or AK, will most likely kill the other player if directly shot in the head. Traitors will look to take out the detectives, because vsgo one gives a traitor more credits to buy equipment. Make sure BOTH of you agree with this plan, gerrorist one loses tlwn T round. Once the body has been found, they'll be "Confirmed Dead. MISSING - This is for people that did not respond to a live check or you can't find them плагин магазин cs go all.

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